Numerous studies have shown very positive effects on individuals becoming involved with charity work. 

1.  Makes the person both physically and mentally healthier.

2.  Gives the person a sense of life satisfaction.

3.  Makes the person feel like they have more time.

4.  People who give of themselves have a higher self esteem.

5.  Makes people have a sense of purpose making for better psychological health.

6.  People have lower levels of depression and despair.

7.  Makes a person have a sense of life control.

8.  People gain experience by helping out.

9.  Older people who volunteer have a lower mortality rate.

10.  You will be helping the children!

As a nine year old said, "don't be a diamond in the dirt".  Polish yourself by helping the children.  Thanks.




Your challenge is to give a little of yourself for the children.  You can do this by donating your time, by participating in an event or more, volunteering at an event or more, publicizing the different events and RUNNING 4 KIDS to family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc., and/or donating money to RUNNING 4 KIDS.  As we go forward this year, please help. 100% of all donations go towards the children.

Running 4 Kids

Helping the children one step at a time.


Turning 71, I will attempt 7 races of 7 miles or longer plus one more of a significant distance. This will probably be a half marathon.  My challenge also includes increasing by 10% the amount brought in by each our 2 fundraisers, the Run 4 Kids Challenge to fight pediatric cancer and the restaurant fundraisers to fight juvenile diabetes. I also hope to increase other income in general by 10%.  An increase in those who network about the events and RUNNING 4 KIDS is also our challenge.  It is hoped you will challenge yourself and help the children.